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“Women only”. Tour du Jallouvre. Ski tour with UniGe.

In Russia 8th of March is a very nice and favourite holiday. This is a Women Day! For people it has nothing to do with politics. It is just the day when men congratulate women. All women, girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters, colleagues. A lot of flowers, smiles and love… nice! So, how to celebrate the… Read more »

Col de l’Encrennaz. Ski tour with UniGe

Our initial idea was to take the lifts Flégère and l’Index from Chamonix, then traverse in the direction of Lac Blanc, climb Col de l’Encrennaz, and descent to Bérard valley. This is a classic ski tour Col de l’Encrenaz: Col des Montets >> Vallon de Bérard.

Pointe de Sur Cou. Ski tour with UniGe.

Today we went to Pointe de Sur Cou (1809 m) in the massif Bornes – Aravis. Actually it was a course for beginners organized by UniGe. I am not a beginner but since I did not have company it was a chance for me to go to the mountains. Moreover the course was guided by Michel… Read more »

Col d’Ubine-Pointe de Lachau. Ski tour with UniGe

Today we were with the guide Yann Nussbaumer. It was really awful at 6am in Geneva. Dark, rainy and cold. To add the final bit to the picture Yann backed our UniGE bus at the parking and bumped my car. Not a very good beginning. As the weather was bad our initial plans changed. Yann… Read more »

Monts Jovet. Мой первый опыт соло скитура

В воскресенье так уж получилось, что все мои друзья-знакомые были заняты. Пришлось мне осваивать азы соло скитура. Выбор пал на Monts Jovet по классическому пути. Точнее сначала я не планировала заходить на гору, а думала дойти только до озера Jovet. Но об этом потом. На Monts Jovet мы уже ходили с Федей зимой и летом… Read more »

Ski tour. Col des Verts

В воскресенье сходили на Col des Verts: Par le Val du Bouchet. Изначально у меня набиралась большая компания, но утром выяснилось, что часть народа заболела, и придется ехать в минимальном составе. Компанию мне составил Юра. План решили не менять и подняться на Col des Verts (2595m). Я там ни разу не была. Подъем в целом… Read more »

Скитур на почти Combe de Tardevant

Муж где-то на другом континенте катается на санках, так что развлекаюсь как могу. Сделали с Юрой простой и приятный скитур на несколько часов Combe de Tardevant. Правда в последний момент мы решили подняться на соседний Combe, справа от Tardevant потому что он был в тени и спуски с него были лучше. Не прогадали, действительно спуски… Read more »

Refuge de Loriaz, massif Aiguilles Rouges. Ski tour with UniGe.

We had a fantastic weekend with the great guides, Michel Piola and Christian Hug. The idea of this course was to learn how to plan you ski-tour trip. We learned how to prepare the ski-tour exit with the map, how to perform orientation with compass and altimeter, how to preview the avalanche situation, and then… Read more »

Ski-tour planning in Swiss Alps

The ski season is now on! Let me write a very short note about resources that can be used for the ski-tour planning in Swiss Alps. Disclaimer: these are for people who know about skiing, mountains, avalanches, dangers in the wilderness, and so on. If you are not sure that the description matches you (or… Read more »

Alpine Ice in New England — Black Dike

So, is New England flat? No! And in winter you can get pretty decent ice climbing in real alpine style. To make the analogy full we had 30mph wind and freezing cold!