Ice climbing in Maurienne. 1-6 January 2017

170104Nameless_L2cMaurienne is a provinces of Savoy. The Maurienne valley is one of the great transverse valleys of the Alps also known as an interesting ice climbing region. We stayed in the residence at Orelle because we did not find any other options with reasonable prices. It is better to stay close to Bessans – you will safe a time.






2 January 2017. Cascade Ruisseau du Chatel

Ruisseau du Chatel was nicely formed. We climbed it in 4 pitches with about 80 m of easy ice, snow and rocks between L2 and L3. Exit is on the right by foot.


3 January 2017. Cascade de la Frête

Cascade de la Frête. Very cold day, about -10C. The last pitch, L3, we climbed on the left. Descend by rappel on the right.


4 January 2017. Cascade Nameless 1

We did not find the description of this cascade in the internet. The cascade is visible from the D902 road. It is the same access as for Cascade de Rébruyant – Bessans take a ski-tracks towards the valley of Avérole, pass a small hamlet and do up. The cascade is on the left. We had an impression that nobody climbed it this season. L2 was quite difficult.


5 January 2017. Cascade de Rébruyant

Cascade de Reybriend (Rébruyant) – is a very beautiful cascade. Nicely formed. We climbed it in 3 pitches.


6 January 2017. Cascade Nameless 2

Another nice cascade that was not described in topo. Follow D902. About 1 km after Bessans on the right site of the road will be 3 cascades. We climbed the cascade that was most on the right.


Information about cascades in Maurienne region:
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