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Ice climbing in Tarentaise. 25-30 December 2016

The Tarentaise Valley (Vallée de la Tarentaise) is a valley of the Isère River in the heart of the French Alps, located in the Savoy region of France. It is a beautiful region for different alpine activities (ski, climbing, ice climbing, trekking, etc). We came here for ice climbing. Actually, Tarentaise Valley – is a… Read more »

Pointe de Sans Bet. Ski tour with UniGe.

Another fantastic day with Dominique and UniGe. Today we did Pointe de Sans Bet in Le Giffre valley. There were nobody around except us! And a lot of powder. Actually the best ski tour for this season so far.

Haute Pointe. Ski tour with UniGe.

What I really like is our University Sport Activities. From January till March (or, weather permitting, even April) University of Geneva organizes different ski tours with mountain guides. It is a great opportunity to do a ski tour, especially if you do not have your own company. I quite often do not have one since… Read more »

IFAS. Exams.

We did it! 3 months of study in IFAS passed quickly. 7 hours of exams, 3 parts. We still do not know the results of exams but we are happy that  it is over! Time to relax.

IFAS. Carl Emery

Today we had a Taebox Cardio Kickboxing class. Well, what I can say, IFAS picked up really cool instructors. Today we were trained by Carl Emery  – the World champion in kickboxing in a super heavyweight (Full Contact Kickboxing (ISKA)). Two-time Champion of Europe, two-time Champion of Switzerland. The founder of 15 clubs in Switzerland… Read more »

IFAS. Jean-Pierre Egger

Today we had a wonderful day with Jean-Pierre Egger. Jean-Pierre Egger is a 5 times Swiss Champion in shot put. Coach of Olympic Champions in shot put, Werner Günthör and Valerie Adams . Coach of the French national team in basketball. Coach of the French association football club, Olympique de Marseille.  Coach of the racing… Read more »

IFAS. Nicole Held

Course of lectures with dietician Nicole Held. We had lectures about metabolism, nutrition and digestion, how nutrition influences our physical form and conditions and body functions.


Our group in IFAS.