Tour du Jallouvre

I already did Tour du Jallouvre by ski with UniGe. I had a wonderful weather and a nice company. This time I was along and the weather was awful. Cold, clouds, wet, and dirty. On top snowflakes started falling. The main route was Le Chinaillon (1280m) – Col de l’Aiguille Verte (1900m) – Lake de Lessy/Refuge de Lessy – Col du Rasoir (2260m) – Col de la Colombière (1613m) – Le Chinaillon (1280m). I tried to follow the description Pic de Jallouvre: Tour du Jallouvre, but in fog I was lost and I missed the pass Sosay. It coasted me couples additional km. Finally at the end I was rewarded by a small portion of the sun.


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