Ice climbing in Tarentaise. 25-30 December 2016

Cascade du Mône. L2

Cascade du Mône. L2

The Tarentaise Valley (Vallée de la Tarentaise) is a valley of the Isère River in the heart of the French Alps, located in the Savoy region of France. It is a beautiful region for different alpine activities (ski, climbing, ice climbing, trekking, etc). We came here for ice climbing. Actually, Tarentaise Valley – is a place were we started to do ice climbing 10 years ago with local guide and our friend Benjamin Gaimard. We were happy finally to come back to this beautiful region.


We used Topo Dry, Glace et Mixte à Tarinland

It is not the best topo, but only one. Many cascades are not described their. But there is nothing better.



December 26, 2016. Cascade de la Daille

Cascade de la Daille. A lot of ice even in such dry winnter! We climb all 4 pitches, that were nicely formed. Descend on rappel on the left side.


December 27, 2016. Roger’s Valley.

Usually it is nice “École d’escalade”, where one can fix a rope and practice more difficult climbing or mixed/dry tooling. This time it was only dry tooling.


December 28, 2016. Cascade du Mône

We decided to do Cascade du Mône in Peisey Nancroix. Cascade was formed, but the ice in L3 (the most difficult pitch) was very thin. The company with guide climbed it, but we did not. We climbed just 2 first pitches with stable ice and rapped down (belays on the right).


December 29, 2016. Cascade Ruisseau de la Savinaz Gauche

We saw the group of Savinaz cascades from the road. There were no description of these cascades in the topo. Thus, we called it Cascades Ruisseau de la Savinaz. Today, we climbed Cascade Ruisseau de la Savinaz Gauche. Parked in La Savinaz and followed the trail. The cascade has 3 defined pitches. Descend by foot on the lift side.


December 30, 2016. Cascade Ruisseau de la Savinaz Droit

This time we parked in La Gurraz, that is much better than than we did yesterday. Cascade Ruisseau de la Savinaz Droit has 3 ice pitches. The ice difficulty is L1 = 3, L2 = 4, L3 = 3. Descend by foot on the lift side.

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