Les Pointes Longues. Ski tour with UniGe.

P1040495Today we were with our guide Yann (Yann Nussbaumer). And we did what was planned – Les Pointes Longues – 2709m. My first exit this year when we were not obliged to change our plans and when I was able to see something.

We started at the Parking Vallon, la Lanche (Le Reposoir) – 1070 m. Sunny day with a lot of avalanche traces. Great precipitation last week cause a lot of avalanches. We traversed 2 really big ones. I 1st time tried my clever pulse Violetrunner at ski-tour. Wow! May be it is not correct, but I spent 1600 kcal for this easy ski-tour.  I was surprised! You want to loos weight – do ski-touring!





from http://www.camptocamp.org

from http://www.camptocamp.org


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