Tête Pelouse. Ski tour with UniGe.

P1040081Nice ski-tour with UniGe to Tête Pelouse par la Combe de Grand Crêt. Finally we have snow. I have broken my ribs 2 days ago, but I could not miss this ski-tour. It was not so bad while we ascending, but getting a bit painful on the skiing down. Nevertheless it did not spoil a fantastic run down and a nice day. La Combe de Grand Crêt is a very popular route and it was skiing a lot. However, we have managed to find an untouched snow.

Thanks a lot to our great guide, Pascal Strappazzon, and to all UniGe team.

P.S. Monday I have got a very sad news, that Sunday morning a man was killed by avalanche at La Combe de Grand Crêt. It happened just a day after we were there.

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