Week end in bivouac l’Envers des Dorées. Ski tour with UniGe.

sP1010979Day 1. Col du Chardonnet: Traversée Aiguille des Grands Montets >> Bivouac de l’Envers des Dorées

In Argentières we took a lift to Grands Montets. And here I have got a first problem – my ARVA died. One week ago it worked and had 80% of charge. Today in Argentières it also was OK. But when we ascended to the Grands Montets it died. Luckily the avalanche danger was 1-2 today and we decided that I continue like this.

We descended to glacier d’Argentières and here the second problem came. I realized that yesterday’s leg day in the gym with 70 kg dead lifts was not a good idea on the eve of the ski tour. My legs were really exhausted.

But the weather was fantastic and the view was fabulous. The classical way to Col du Chardonnet is on the right (left of the glacier flow), and many groups climbed their with the ski fixed on the backpack. But our guides leaded us on the left, and we did all the way by ski.

The descent from Col du Chardonnet was easy and possible to do without rope and crampons.

We traversed glacier de Saleina and reached refuge-bivouac l’Envers des Dorées (2983m). This is a very comfortable unguarded bivouac. There are 2 parts their. One is locked. You have to book it in Alpine Club and take a key. Another is open for everybody. We staid in a reserved part.

Grég cooked spaghetti with tuna fish for us.

Day 2. Col des Plines >> Plateau du Trient >> Col des Grand  >> Glaciers du Tour

It was windy in the morning. We climbed Col des Plines (3294 m) and traversed Plateau du Trient (3350 m). Than we climbed to Passes Col des Grands (3410 m) and descended to glaciers du Tour.

Michel described this ski tour on the site of Zag Tricotage autour des Aiguilles Dorées… pour une fin de saison en apothéose !

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Week end in bivouac l’Envers des Dorées


Christian at Col des Plines

Photos of Michel Piola


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